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Fika Gold craft oak CGCO40 cabinet with Fika TR41355 sink - a classic in your bathroom!

If you are looking for the perfect solution for a small bathroom, the Fika CGCO40 bathroom cabinet set with sink is a great choice. The set is complete and matched, which ensures easy and quick assembly.

Fika CGCO40 with a sink is a great solution for small bathrooms, which will not only facilitate the organization of space, but also add an aesthetic look to your bathroom. And most importantly, all this at a very reasonable price!

  • depth 22 cm
  • width 39.8 cm
  • height 64.5 cm
  • set weight 14.32 kg
  • glossy white color
  • folded
  • the door can be mounted on the left or right side
  • mounting accessories included
  • made of MDF
  • soft-closing system
  • suspended


The Fika set with a width of 40 cm and a depth of 20 cm is characterized by high functionality. The set is assembled, but we left the option of mounting the cabinet door on the left or right side. This will allow you to adjust the cabinet perfectly to your bathroom.


The cabinet is made of MDF/MFC material, which allows for long-term and trouble-free use of the product.

Build quality for years

The Fika TR41355 washbasin is matched to the bathroom cabinet. It fits perfectly under the cupboard. Equally important, the cabinet was manufactured in the UP-Soft technology, which allows for comfortable use of the cabinet. The warranty for the cabinet is 2 years, and for the washbasin 10 years.

Suspension mounting accessories included.

Dimensions of the Fika CGCO40+TR41355 set

  • Technical drawing

Technical data

Additional information

Weight 14,32 kg
Dimensions 22 × 40,5 × 64,5 cm


cabinet 2 years, ceramics 10 years


Product code


Sposób montażu




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We use proven solutions and innovative technologies

Fantastic design, designer and innovative solutions as well as high quality of UPTREND products are associated with our guarantee of long-term use. By choosing our products, you will introduce a combination of durability, quality, the latest technologies and timeless elegance to your bathroom.

UP Push

Makes it easier to open

This is a special technology that makes it easier to open our bathroom cabinets. Thanks to the technology used, the door without handles opens after gently pressing the front of the cabinet.

UP Soft

Comfort of use

Our cabinets have been made in the technology commonly known as a silent house – Up-Soft. Thanks to the technology used, the cabinets close automatically. It allows us to use bathroom cabinets in greater comfort and for many years.

UP Set

The perfect combination

You buy Uptrend cabinets, you don’t worry about whether the cabinet is matched with the sink. We sell all our cabinets together with the sink. They fit well and match 100%.

UP Ecology

UPTREND feels responsible for world around us and customer satisfaction

For this reason, UPTREND uses technologies that will reduce water and energy consumption, and thus take care of the environment while saving money.


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