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Orion TR2237 - toilet bowl with bidet function

The Orion TR2237 ceramic toilet bowl with bidet function is an innovative product that combines traditional toilet bowl elements with a modern bidet function. The Orion bowl has dimensions of 51 cm x 35 cm x 34.5 cm and is made using rimless technology, which makes it easier to keep it clean. Additionally, the surface of the bowl is covered with a special UP-Clean antibacterial coating. Using the bidet function in the toilet bowl allows you to save valuable space in the bathroom.

Installation instructions:

  • depth 51 cm
  • width 35 cm
  • height 34.5 cm
  • pottery weight 28 kg
  • color shiny white
  • horizontal drain
  • rimless technology
  • oval shape
  • slowly descending board included
  • mounting spacing 180mm

A rimless bowl that makes it easier to keep clean and hygienic

Rimless bowls have been designed to facilitate easy cleaning, without the need to use aggressive chemicals and time-consuming cleaning. The lack of a rolled-up inner edge means that difficult-to-remove dirt does not accumulate in the bowl. The bowl with a convenient, streamlined shape is simply wiped with a soft cloth when cleaning, and when rinsing, the water stream easily flows around its entire internal surface.

High quality

The Orion TR2237 toilet bowl is made of the highest quality ceramics. The product is characterized by exceptional durability and scratch resistance. Thanks to the UP-CLEAN coating, it can be easily kept clean. The rimless interior of the bowl also helps make cleaning easier.

Accessories for mounting a toilet bowl, bidet accessories and a soft-close seat included in the set.

Dimensions of the Orion TR2237 toilet bowl

  • Technical drawing

Technical data

Additional information

Weight 26 kg
Dimensions 51 × 35 × 34,5 cm
Product code



10 years






50,5 – 60

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