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Sofia UP4003-3: small, yet practical and beautiful

Sofia UP4003-3 with a diameter of 33 cm is ideal for small bathrooms where every centimeter of space is valuable. Its extremely compact size allows you to save valuable space, and at the same time provides everything you need. The ceramics it is made of are durable and resistant to damage, and its simple design makes it suitable for many interior styles. This economical washbasin is an excellent choice for those who want to save space and money, but do not want to give up quality and style.

  • depth 33 cm
  • width 33 cm
  • height 14 cm
  • weight of ceramics 5 kg
  • glossy white color
  • without overflow
  • round shape
  • without tap hole

For small bathrooms

Sofia UP4003-3 is an excellent choice for those looking for a functional and stylish solution for small and economical bathrooms. Its compact size allows you to save valuable space, and at the same time provides everything you need.

This washbasin is a combination of functionality, durability and style in one, which makes it an ideal choice for economical and modern bathrooms.

10 years warranty

Sofia M is made of high-quality ceramics and is covered with a protective UP-Clean coating that makes it easy to keep it clean. Thanks to this coating, stains and deposits are not able to penetrate deep into the surface and are easily removed with ordinary detergent. The sink has standard mounting holes. We provide a 10-year warranty on it.

To be used with fittings: high, flush-mounted or wall-mounted. Click-clack cork is not included in the price.

Dimensions of the Sofia UP4003-3 washbasin

  • Technical drawing

Technical data

Additional information

Weight 5 kg
Dimensions 33 × 33 × 14 cm
Product code



10 years





Hole for fittings



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Uptrend washbasins have many individual features.

Depending on the assembly method, you can choose from countertop, suspended and furniture washbasins. The models differ in shape, size and finish. Thanks to this, everyone can choose the sink that best suits the bathroom. All washbasins have certain common features that increase functionality, ensure a high level of hygiene and facilitate the collection and transport of products.


is a ceramic coating that Uptrend washbasins are covered with.

The ceramic coating reduces the sticking of impurities to the sinks, which are easy to find in the bathroom. The bathroom is a place particularly exposed to the presence of bacteria that are dangerous to people, not only in toilets. Thanks to the UP-CLEAN ceramic coating that our washbasins are covered with, it is possible to keep them clean for longer. The UP-CLEAN coating, by limiting the adhesion of dirt, means a reduction in the amount of detergents used. It is good for your health, the environment and your household budget.


this is how we define the precision and thinness of the lines of the washbasins we design.

Uptrend washbasins appear to be made of delicate porcelain. However, their fragility is apparent. Made of the highest quality materials, they are durable and resistant, yet subtle. Thanks to the thin lines of the washbasins, their bowls have large and capacious interiors, much more convenient to use. Beauty and functionality are common to all Uptrend washbasins.


is a universal form of a washbasin.

This feature means that the user chooses the location of the battery himself. We know that bathroom design concepts are diverse and we do not want to limit them in any way. The location of the faucet can be important from the point of view of the harmonious design. Therefore, the choice of whether the faucet will be located on the right, left or central side is left to the user of the washbasin. He will know best what layout is the most advantageous from the point of view of aesthetics and functionality.


is a convenient solution that we use when packing our products.

Thanks to this, all the elements included in the package – the washbasin and the assembly kit – are included in one package. In the case of online sales of our products, this solution excludes the loss of any element. You can also be sure that the entire set will be delivered at the same time. The environmental friendliness of such a solution is also significant. A smaller number of cartons means saving the raw material used for its production, less tape to wrap the package, and less waste produced. Caring for the planet is as important to us as caring for the users of our products.


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